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  • fresh ingredients—like locally grown produce, freshly roasted & ground spices
  • fresh cooking—our chefs are cooking your food to order—really!
  • more fresh produce on your plate—from fresh green salads to fresh-squeezed juice
  • fresh new dishes—East-meets-West creations


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why fresh Indian?

Cardamom seeks to bring together East and West, old and new, familiar and unfamiliar, through food, culture and relationships. I chose the name “Cardamom” for my restaurant because cardamom (known as the "queen" of spices) is an important native Indian spice, used in nearly all food from our kitchen—both savory and sweet.

Cardamom seeks to explore what Indian food and culture have done for centuries—take the best from outside influences and create something new, but distinctly Indian. Indian cuisine has been influenced over the centuries by a host of cultures including Persian, Chinese, Portuguese and British. Indian chefs and home cooks have a long history of taking outside flavors and cooking techniques, and combining them with their native spices. India is a vast country and very diverse. We designed our menu to reflect this diversity, and then to take it a step further by adding our own Western-influenced dishes. 

​Please enjoy this journey with me,
​Binod Dhakal, owner

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Detroit Metro Times

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